Redirect investment into the real estate industry

Wednesday 16/04/2014 9:48 AM

To attract investors to industrial parks (IPs) in the current period, the industrial zone infrastructure investors have actively taken the full service package, with quality of service better and better.

Mr. Mai Van Nhon , Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority , said attracting investment towards selective preference for high-tech enterprises , enterprises typically use less labor , modern machinery should factory lightweight . During project implementation , companies want to save time , many investors opt for renting factory space , then install machines go into production immediately .

In fact many foreign companies especially small businesses use leasing schemes factory to produce . Mr. Hideo Okubo - CEO Advisory Group - Japan investment Forval said : For years investors only IZ Vietnam aims to lease a large area with an area of several hectares , while demand of Japanese SMEs just small workshops with an area of only 300 m2 .

With a factory building available for rent for small businesses only need to install machines that can go into production immediately . Many small businesses VN Japan to seek investment opportunities in recent years have found the factory building with full service available to open the factory, go into production immediately instead of having to manually build factories and take costly time ..

According to calculations , factory made standard office work including investment will be from 5-6 million m2 . Thus, to 200m2 factory , the investor must spend more than 10 billion capital , excluding construction period takes 4-5 months . Ky - Tran Director of Sales Corporation Sonadezi Long Thanh said foreign companies very carefully calculated . Before deciding to invest , they examine which option is most beneficial executed, not take time to build , and does not require large capital initial investment , especially new investors are also exploration market .

Opportunities for real estate investment companies IPs

Vietnam - Japan industrial complex venture invested by the Company Vie - Pan Industrial Park Co. Ltd. (Japan) and Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock Company has started construction in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park ( HCMC ) from February / 2014 will also provide services " package " from the factory to the legal procedures as required by the enterprise .

Investment Co., Ltd. factory made out well under construction and deployment of services available for rent factory building in Ho Chi Minh City Hi-tech Park . With a total investment of about 200 billion on the scale of 5.4 ha , the factory area is expected to include 28 workshops with an area on the ground floor and mezzanine level corresponding to 900 m2 and 180 m2 will be delivered in May 7/2014 .

In Long Thanh Industrial Park ( Dong Nai ) , Long Thanh Sonadezi in phase 1 ( from 2009-2013 ) 9 buildings and construction has been fully booked . Currently, this company continues to build more than 40 buildings, bringing the total to 60 rental factories factory area from 2000-2500 m2/nha workshop .

The market for leased factory -built in the industrial zone has great potential due to the number of foreign enterprises , especially small and medium enterprises in VN more , not to mention domestic companies also demand for houses factory -built . This will be a good opportunity for investors real estate investment IZ navigation , quick fill land lease . However, to implement this shift many companies invest business IZ said market demand huge capital investment spending but also not small .

According to the Industry and Trade