Real Estate Industrial Park: Will pressure on prices?

Wednesday 16/04/2014 9:51 AM

Many experts said that industrial real estate will increase in the future together with many more new projects. This segment in both the northern and southern provinces are 2 steps back different and much is expected to change more.

Hanoi currently has 9 industrial parks ( IPs ) with a total leasable area of approximately 1,400 ha . In particular , the total land area available for hire during the quarter accounted for approximately 34 % 4.2013 , unchanged compared with 3.2013 quarter . Including 6 IPs have been filled , the remaining 3 zones of Hoa Lac High -tech Park , Phu Nghia , and Noi Bai Industrial Park (Phase 2 ) . Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park is still empty with approximately 441ha of land available for rent .

Regarding the general situation of industrial real estate in Hanoi , until this point , the Hanoi Industrial Park has attracted a total of 545 projects with a total registered capital of up to U.S. $ 4.62 billion . By 2030 , Hanoi will have 33 industrial park with an area of about 8,000 ha .

According to Cushman & Wakefield from the rents in the industrial zones in Hanoi quarter 4.2013 , about 2.25 million remained dong/m2/thoi lease term (equivalent to over 107 m2 / lease period ) , price excluding VAT . Management fees in the industrial zone ranged from $ 0.4 to 1 USD/m2/thang . But compared with rents in other areas , the neighboring provinces , the rates are still much more expensive .
Regarding the situation of IPs in HCM City currently has 18 active IPs with more 3.600ha area , in the area that can be rented for 62 % of total land area , reaching more than $ 2,200 . The expiry date of the industrial park land remaining around 28-45 years , or land use term average of about 37 years remaining . Most industrial park located in the suburbs , and are mainly concentrated in the districts to the west . Cu Chi and Hoc Mon district considered two emerging IP projects because land is relatively large space .

The industrial park in Vietnam largely filled over 90 % . Besides, there is still a fever IPs who fill low as Industrial Zone in Cu Chi and Binh Chanh , who filled less than 50 % due to new operational , pulling the average rental rate for the whole market is only about 73 % , unchanged from the previous quarter but increased by 1 % compared to the same period last year .

HCMC IPs rents compared to Long An , Binh Duong , Dong Nai is 2 times higher . Quarter average rents reaching 4.2013 2.568 million VND/m2/thoi term lease ( lease term USD/m2/thoi 122 ) , down nearly 2 % from the previous quarter and 4 % over the same period last year .

The real estate market industrial park is estimated that by 2010 , total supply will increase to about 3,000 ha , an increase of 85 % compared with current supply . There will be 30 new and expanded industrial zone will go into operation . An assessment of this market in the near future from Cushman & Wakefield , IZ rents will be more pressure in the future if leasing activity continued serenity today.

According to One World - Xuan Thi